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Joost Arijs

From his coveted, colourful macaroons to the minimalist and equally colourful yule log cake for Christmas in collaboration with architect Glenn Sestig: for pastry chef and chocolatier Joost Arijs, everything revolves around innovation, pure ingredients and refined flavours and textures. He also stands out for the diligence and dedication in his craftsmanship and packaging. The results are delicious and cleverly designed sweets with which we like to surprise and delight the Belgian food press.

At the end of 2022, Joost Arijs also opened 'The Bakery' in Ghent. In his new bakery, he wants to lift artisan bread and viennoiserie to a higher level and approach the baking craft differently. Think sleek coffee cakes with culinary fillings, a conscious choice for sourdough bread, a visible bakery workshop and a closing day on Sunday. For the (interior) architecture, the Ghent chocolatier engaged the internationally renowned Glenn Sestig Architects. Arijs and Sestig found a match in the bakery's pared-down and sleek, yet warm and authentic design. We took this news to the Belgian and international press and were rewarded, among other publications, with a cover story in Sabato, the Belgian weekend supplement of the paper De Tijd.

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