Dentelles: the new lamp collection of Atelier Pierre

Dentelles: the new lamp collection of Atelier Pierre

Atelier Pierre presents : Dentelles, a new collection of lamps inspired by and named after the paper doilies found under every cake in the past. Paulien and Kaat, two young Belgian designers, were responsible for the design. The lamps are wireless and dimmable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and available in various shapes and colours. While remaining faithful to its sustainable mission, Atelier Pierre also aims to be environmentally friendly with Dentelles. The lamp module is made of 100% recycled polyethylene and many parts are recyclable and reusable. With the series of luminous objects, the Belgian brand also increases the design quality of its extensive and sought-after collection of unique living accessories.

Who does not remember the paper lace doilies bakers used to give their cakes a festive touch? They were called "Dentelles". Lieven and Jenny Vanhalst - the founders of the West Flemish family business Vanhalst and Atelier Pierre - also did this in their bakery in the 1970s. The new Atelier Pierre collection takes its name from this 'decorative pastry paper': the lamps are shaped in the same form like a large stack of paper doilies. Nostalgia with a modern twist. Two young designers joined forces: Paulien Callewaert and Kaat Verschueren. So, it's no coincidence that the French word 'elles' which means “they” appears in the name.

Ultimate mood setters

In times of restricted bubbles, limited cuddles and social distancing, we all realised how important conviviality is and how much we need it. The new lamp collection from Atelier Pierre was born out of this profound desire to live together. Paulien and Kaat have designed the ultimate mood setters for dinners and other warm gatherings in the form of elegant and affordable table lamps. The lights feel at home in the living room as well as in the bedroom, but can also be taken outside. They are wireless and dimmable, which means that they already deserve an award for their ease of use. They are charged with a USB cable and dimmed by tapping the top of the lamp. There are four dimming levels, including a standby mode.

Recycled AND recyclable

The Dentelles lamps are available in three different sizes and shapes, all with a cream-coloured body. The base is a lightweight metal magnetic ring and is available in three colours: black, terra and brushed gold. With the two larger versions, you can remove the ring to realize a different look. You unscrew it like a bottle cap. As we are used to at Atelier Pierre, this collection is also very durable. The modules are made of 100% recyclable polyethylene and are unbreakable. Various parts can be recycled and reused, of course, provided that the product is properly sorted.

About Atelier Pierre

Atelier Pierre is the design studio of the Vanhalst family business in Wevelgem. Since tradition and craftsmanship form the common thread in the company's family history and since Vanhalst wants to promote sustainable entrepreneurship, the West Flemish company is supporting young designers in developing their first collection. Creative director Sophie Vanhalst has been supervising this process. The designs are simple and fresh, decorative and functional at the same time. In addition, they excel in terms of sustainability. Well-known examples are noRdic by Bert Declerq and Miffy Wall Art by Daisy Bohyn.

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