Young Belgian brand Fontein & Bova launches new tableware collection

Young Belgian brand Fontein & Bova launches new tableware collection

After a successful first collection of designer furniture of honest and artisanal quality, the young Belgian brand Fontein & Bova from Serskamp is now also launching a tableware collection. In this way, Pieter-Jan Van Wesepoel, the fourth generation in a family of furniture makers, combines everyday functionality with the aesthetics and quality of hand-crafted, natural materials such as walnut and oak combined with user-friendly faux marble. The collection consists of unique, handmade pieces available on Fontein & Bova's website and this year-end also at their pop-up in Ghent.

Functional wood and marble tableware

The new tableware collection consists of four pieces in a sophisticated, warm minimalist style. The coasters, cake stand, tray and candleholder are handmade in Fontein & Bova's workshop in Serskamp. Each of these unique items is available in walnut, oak or black oak and in different sizes.

The candleholder was given a unique insert. Closed, the object looks like a bowl with a lid, but once open, there is a section for the candle and an additional, multi-purpose bowl. It perfectly illustrates how Fountain & Bova inventively combines functionality with aesthetics.

Another added material is the use of faux marble. It also makes the tableware at once hard-wearing and user-friendly. The young Belgian design brand highly values sustainability and therefore opts for materials that last as long as possible. Pieter-Jan: "In the workshop, I notice a passionate interest in fair products and initiatives to improve the climate. I consider it my mission to push our employees even further in this respect. We now know that it is better to buy sustainable once than to be constantly tempted by disposable products. It is about time that this becomes the standard."

Fourth-generation furniture maker

In 1928, Remi Van Wesepoel founded 'Fabriek Fontein'. In doing so, he laid the first 'shelf' of the future furniture generation. Thirty-seven years later, his son Marcel Van Wesepoel took over and started specialising more in custom-made kitchens. Thus 'Splendide' was created as a spin-off from Fabriek Fontein. In 1983, Jean-Marie, Remi's grandson, took over Splendide. The company was quickly modernised with a focus on sustainable materials. Four generations later, Pieter-Jan is at the helm. He joined his father's company in 2017 and founded design brand Atelier Fontein under the wings of the parent company. Earlier this month, that became 'Fontein & Bova'. The new name refers to 'Factory Fountain' on the one hand and is a contraction of names from the family tree to honour the brand's historical heritage on the other hand.

Across all generations there has been a passion for craftsmanship and a love of natural materials. By now, the company's collection comprises 11 unique pieces of furniture, now complemented by the new tableware collection. With the latter, Pieter-Jan not only wants to charm people, but also make them more aware of the impact of a purchase. Pieter-Jan: "It is important to reflect on the material and the feeling that each product carries. If we can contribute to that with Fountain & Bova, we have succeeded in our mission."

Pop-up end of the year

Fountain & Bova's new tableware collection is available online on the brand's website. In November and December, you can also visit the young design label's pop-up in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. During these months, an old charming building at Gebroeders Vandeveldestraat 8 in Ghent will be transformed into a showroom where you will be able to admire and buy both the furniture collection and the new tableware collection.

Photography: Zoë Kennof.

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