ABSoluut magazine

On behalf of the Ghent construction company ABS Bouwteam, we issue the architecture and lifestyle magazine ABSoluut twice a year. In 2016 we started rebranding the magazine. In order to reach a broader (read: younger and future-oriented) target audience and create a stronger magazine, we revised the layout, reduced the share of ABS Bouwteam in the magazine and increased the editorial content. These choices require courage from the client, but they have paid off. Today, they have a strong marketing tool, which functions as a strong and stylish “door opener” for new prospects and which can rely on a nice fan base with the existing clientele. ABSoluut is made by us from A to Z. We determine the content and take care of the editing. We are responsible for the art direction and we instruct photographers, freelancers and the layout artist.

PS: in between two magazines we make sure ABSoluut also continues to live online via social media.

Skills: rebranding, chief editing & writing, social media
Client: ABS Bouwteam
Website: www.absbouwteam.be / www.absoluutmagazine.be

Skills: Content Marketing, Magazines, Social media
Client: ABS Bouwteam