• Branding, PR en communicatie voor Moróro

Moróro offered us the possibility to help shape the brand from the beginning. The brand name, the brand story and the corresponding copy for the web, mailings, and so on: communication is prepared in a strategic way, which results in a coherent story that adds up. In addition, in collaboration with freelancers, we took care of the webdesign, coordinate the photography and stylings for the brand and we take charge of content and managing the selected social media channels. Finally, the appropriate PR is provided by us for the outdoor brand. Thanks to our efforts the brand has been highlighted in many lifestyle magazines. Working for Moróro is the ideal scenario, because based on our expertise for content and our feeling for the visual story, we can offer the proper story to the proper target group at the right time. And this surely pays off.

Logo and corporate identity:
We developed the website in collaboration with Grain Design Office.

Skills: Content Marketing, Copywriting, PR Agency, Social media, Styling & photography, Website
Client: Moróro